Project Implementation

Implementation of manufacturing unit: Savjera can help you to set the right direction for the planning, operational, administration (legal and tax related concern) of your entity in India. We coordinate the phases of your implementation and therefore advise you on:



  • The selection of the location

  • The trading and financial strategy

  • Search of sourcing partner and negotiation

  • Team building

  • The supply chain management support

  • Public communication support

  • The choice of legal form most appropriate and legal structure of the transaction

  • Administration activities

  • The coordination of stakeholders

  • Follow post-partnership: Collaborative arrangements and management reporting



We are experienced and we understand your target market. Our multicultural and multilinguistic team will help you to expand your export right from the beginning.

Our knowledge and expertise ensure your successful implementation of development strategy. We quickly and cost effectively present you in front of your customer and partners. As you step foot in the market, you will be started enjoying the results.

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