Partner Recruitment Assistance

Partner Recruitment Assistance

We help you to exercises which customer and companies are relevant to your business, and contact them on your behalf to make sure you’re in front of decision makers interested in doing business. We help:

  • Building Relation – After a visit to India, you may gain several contacts but around 90% contacts do not respond when French company contact them back in future. We help to build relation with Indian contacts and transform your prospect into customer or partners.
  • Bring you in front – We help you to target right partners with right mode
  • Provide Access to your chosen Customer/companies– Enjoy high level qualified leads and order.

We also provide enhanced support on before and after business and we make sure you make the most of your business in the country.

Speak to us on 06 46 67 70 97 or contact us now on to start accelerating your export development.



We build relationships with directly to the partner you need. We are experienced and we understand your target market. Our multicultural and multilinguistic team will help you to expand your export right from the beginning.

Our knowledge and expertise ensure your successful implementation of development strategy. We quickly and cost effectively present you in front of your customer and partners. As you step foot in the market, you will be started enjoying the results.

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