About Us

Savjera helps Indian and French Businesses with export development, strategy, services, networks and facilities needed to succeed in the targeted market. Our aim is to eliminate the boundaries of international export development for Indian and French enterprises and empower them to seamless risk-free and reliable approach of market access. 

Our experience of  business, understanding of french and Indian languages and culture make us uniquely qualified. We want to share our experiences to help you to achieve your busienss success whether you are well-established business or in the early stages international export development. 

We can help to work with the Government, other influential and connected partners, we ensure business interests are conveyed to concern authorities.

For those seeking practical advice, we provide strategic assistance, partner search, negotiation, market entry and expansion services that help businesses understand – and take – the opportunities.

For those setting looking for dedicated approach, we provide a home-away-from-home with a network and resources of the Savjera in France and in India.

For those who seeking to export into France & Indian Market or at the early stage of their establishment, we provide the reliable risk-free approach to achieve the objectives.

For more information, speak to us on 06 46 67 70 97 or contact us now on info@savjera.com to start accelerating your export development.

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